Which is the standard diabetes test?


We know that hypoglycemia is less 70 mg/dl and hyperglycemia is greater than 200mg/dl. But from what method exactly are we measuring these values because there are several different methods and each with its own set of normal values. Capillary blood (60-110 mg/dL), glucose fasting (70-100 mg/dL), glucose tolerance [baseline fasting (60-100 mg/dL), 60 min fasting (less than 200 mg/dL), and 120 min fasting (70-120 mg/dL]and glucose 2 hour postprandial (

The normal glucose range is 70-100 mg/dL. I am confused as to which of these tests was used to determine the range. Because it looks like it matters since every test yields a different value. I'm assuming it's the capillary test because the values match.

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fasting and an A1c. GTT is usually done in an office setting.