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I need advice on what school I should go to for my RN. I am a fairly newly licensed LVN and I will be starting my first job this Monday (Yay!). I have known that I wanted to go for my RN before I even went through schooling for my LVN, but the waiting lists were horrible, so I decided to complete my LVN so that I could work while going back for my RN. Also I have a bachelors already in a non nursing field, Im 27 and I don't have kids/husband.

I have applied for a couple of schools and would like to know which one sounds best.

Option 1) I applied to my local community college for their RN program and I have a really good chance of getting in (I'll know in about 2 weeks). Once accepted I would need to complete 4 semesters, so I would start in January and end in December 2012. I'd have my associates of nursing and would still like to eventually go back for my bachelors. Costs would be minimal.

Option 2) Is at the same community college via their advance placemt pathway. For this I would not be able to start until September 2011 and I would be done by May 2012, so earlier than option 1 because I would get to skip the 1st year (I would have to reapply with this option though and hope that their is room for me to get in this way). I'd have my associates of nursing but would still like to eventually go back for my bachelors. Costs would be minimal.

Option 3) Is to go to University of Phoenix, and get my BSN, which I would start in February 2011 and complete in January 2014 (so about 1 yr longer than the ADN) and would cost about 30K. The benefit to this is that I would only have to go to school 2 times a week (compared to 4-5 at the community college) and I'd have my BSN instead of an ADN, so I wouldn't need to go to 2 schools (1 for my ADN and another for my BSN).

I need advice, what would you all do? Thanks!

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I weighed the exact same options and since I work full time as an LPN... I chose University of Phoenix. They had me slated to start in Feb but pushed the date up to December 20th. I go to class to start 1 day a week and once clincal portions start its 1 day and 1 weekend day. Or something like that. Which fits into my work and life perfectly.

Where you decide to go all depends on what fits best into your life. Since I know of many new grad RN's having trouble finding work around here its tough. However, the advanced placement option would be the best out of the two ADN programs. Don't waste time and money repeatings Blocks 1 and 2... there is no point. If you have all the requirements send emails to the other nursing directors at all the community colleges in your area that have advanced placement options... you may get a start earlier.

PS. Are you in AZ?

Thanks AZMOM02! I am in CA. My main concern with University of Phoenix is the fact that although the theory day will stay the same, the clinincal schedule will constantly change (depending on the rotation). With me just starting a new job, I'm just not sure how they are going to take that, so I think I need to work for a little while to find out.

Is your job going to be flexible with the changing schedule?

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I would do option 2! You can work as an ADN RN and get your BSN online while youre working. And some hospitals or medical centers will pay for some of your tuition if you work part or full time while going to school...Thats what I'm planning on doing!


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