Which school to choose?

Nursing Students Pre-Nursing


Hey everyone. I want to get AAS asap and have a dilemma now in which school to apply. I have 3 schools on my mind: KBCC, BMCC and City Tech. Does anyone know which one of 3 schools is easier? i need to get into the program. Thank you

Never put all your eggs in one basket, apply to all three. Since nursing programs are so competitive, this route gives you a better chance.

Is there a way to look at the requirements or what system they use to choose their student? I know for me I have looked at all of the point cutoffs and how the points are calculated for the programs that I plan on applying to. Also maybe look at what optional criteria there are like having experience in the healthcare field or being bilingual. I know it isn't specific to what your question was, but it is just what I have found helpful when looking at my own potential programs.

I would definitely encourage you to apply to every school. I made the mistake of assuming I was a strong candidate (3.8 GPA, As in my sciences, and 91st percentile for TEAS ) and now I'm sitting on a wait list :( Had I applied to the other two local colleges that are known to have easier admissions, I'd likely have a spot right now instead of waiting to know if I got in at all. It never hurts to apply to multiple schools. I learned the hard way!

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