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Which school is better for nursing???


Community college of Southern Nevada (CSN) or University of Nevada,Reno (UNR).

Is the difference that,

UNR would be BSN


CSN would be ADN????

which has higher NCLEX pass rates???

.......better nursing equipment, teaching quality, etc???

I graduated from UNLV and I personally think its a great program..

UNLV is only an 18month program and youll have Bachelor's Degree as well... the NCLEX pass rate for Summer 2009 was 100%.

On the other hand, I also heard that CSN has an awesome program as well with great NCLEX pass rate...


Specializes in med-surg.

Well, both UNR and CSN are very good programs. Both have good equipment, intructors, and NCLEX pass rates (although I believe UNR is a smidge higher). I went to CSN just because I was in a situation where I was limited to reside in Las Vegas. I would have loved to attend UNR and get my BSN over with.

It all comes down to what degree you want. Do you want to get your masters someday? Then maybe you should just go ahead and get your BSN now? Once your in the program, UNR is shorter because they go through the summer. If your fulltime at CSN, the program is two years since fulltime students do not attend school during the summers.

Both are very good schools with very good reputations. Good luck!

I wish I applied for UNLV instead. CSN is great, but with the work that the nursing program demands, I would've been better off with UNLV! It's true, you work just as hard or in some cases, even harder!

Like LibbyJeanne said, it really depends on what you want to do in the future. If you want to get a masters, I'd say get your bsn now instead of the adn.

CSN is a good school, I went there for a CNA and I talked to a lot of the RN students, the positives of CSN's program is that you have smaller classes, and from what I was told, more clinical experience. My friends that went to csn felt more prepared when they started to work than my friends who graduated from UNLV. Of course, each teacher is different and no one is going to get the same exact experience.

And I'm not saying UNR or UNLV don't prepare you as well, but the smaller classes do have their benefits, such as some one on one time with the teacher, more advice on what you need to improve because of the teacher's extra time, and practice of your skills.

Right now I'm looking at going to Touro University after I do the pre reqs at csn because I want to get an Msn. If you don't want a bsn or msn, then I'd say stick with College of Southern Nevada.

Hope that helps a little bit