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Hello guys.

i am one class away from completing my BS in Public Health. Before being accepted to a 2 year associate degree nursing program I was working in the above degree mentioned.

My goal is to become an FNP. This fall semester I'm going back to the university where I was working in my BS and complete it. Currently I am debating two options: Finish my BS and take a couple extra classes and apply to NP programs or finish my BS (one class left) and also do an RN - BSN, which would take an extra 2-3 semesters and 10-12K more and then apply to NP programs.

what have you people who, had a previous closely related field did when considering NP programs? Schools like UCLA, UC DAVIS, UCI, AND UCSF allow nurses with a bachelors degree and an RN license to apply to their programs.

i just don't know if I should spend the extra money and time. What do you guys suggest?

Thanks in advance

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Moved to pre NP forum for more answers. Good luck.

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