Which RN School with a high quality ( PASS RATE)


Hello I am ready for RN school. I have all pre reqes done, and I am a LVN graduated. I just passed board. I have 3 kids, I live in Corona Ca. How do I check pass rates on RN schools. I have been to SOUTH WEST college . Cost is 35k ,but done in 8 months. Also what about Concorde, our the new AMERICAN CAREER COLLEGE off the 10fwy In Ontario. I would really like to go there.. PLEASE HELP ME I NEED ALL THE HELP I CAN GET SO I CAN MAKE A GOOD CAREER ,AND FINANCIAL CHOICE. I WANT TO LEARN THE RIGHT WAY. FROM A CHOOL THAT CARES ABOUT PUTTING OUT EXCELLENT QUALITYT RN NOT JUST TAKING MY MONEY.

Thank you.

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Your state's BON website should have pass rates for the different schools. FWIW I'm not a big fan of judging the school by their pass rates. Since you are already a nurse I'd consider which schools will be the quickest and cheapest and most importantly which one you are actually accepted into. In my area the CCs are a great option for the LPN to RN bridge programs. Mine was 9 months and only about $2,500. Good luck.

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