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Which program to study


Hello all,

I'm 29 years old and after a couple years of wandering through life totally lost and wondering what I should do, I have decided on Nursing. I'm very excited for this new adventure. I'm also confused about where to begin. I must work as I have a home and myself to take care of. So I think I need to do a short program as a way to get myself into the medical field. My ultimate goal is to become an RN. My community college offers a few different programs and I'm not sure what to do. This is what they offer:

Certified Medicine Aide

Certified Nursing Assistant

Medical Assistant

Nursing (2 year program for RN)

Practical Nursing

Should I do the CNA program? What about the medical assistant program? I see in my college book that the medical assistant program is much longer than the CNA program. Or what about the LPN program. Or should I just go straight for the Nursing program and just work a non-medical related job while doing so?

I'm so confused on what to do.. Thanks to all for any help.

Boog'sCRRN246, RN

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Depending on what state you're in, you may be able to challenge the CNA exam after a short time in the RN program (usually about a semester). This would allow you to work in the healthcare industry, while completing your RN degree. Becoming a medical assistant would give you experience in outpatient, physician's office-type settings, as that is where they are mainly utilized.

As far as the LPN program, it depends on the length. Is it five days/week? That could really impact your ability to work during the program.

I agree with the previous poster! Depending on the school, 1 or 2 semesters you can test for your CNA and then you do that for the experience while continuing for your RN and you won't have to take any extra classes!!!