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Which Program Should I Accept?


I've received acceptance letters to both North Hennepin Community College and Normandale Community College's Nursing Programs for 2013 Fall start. I've read everything I can about both schools, but I'm still not sure which school to attend. Does anyone have any suggestions? Or can you share what your educational experience was like while attending one of these schools?

Ella26, BSN, RN

Specializes in Allergy and Immunology. Has 4 years experience.

Sorry this MN thread moves very slow so you may not get an answer quick enough before you have to make a decision. Anyhow, I have not personally attended either of these programs-I went to DCTC to get my LPN and St. Kates to get LPN to RN (ADN). But a few things I would mostly consider is the schools pass rates for NCLEX, class hours and sizes, required classes, and proximity to your home. I applied to Normandale before I went to St. Kates but once I saw that they required 2 Chemistry classes I was like no way, when other schools did not. I have met a few nurses from NHCC and they said the program was great and they felt very prepared. I have not met anyone from Normandales program. Not sure if this helps but good luck in your decision and nursing journey. Congrats on getting in, I applied to many programs through the Metro and was waitlisted many times-hence the reason I went the LPN route first.

Thank you! I did speak with several current students at each school and few people in healthcare in regards to their overall opinion on the two programs to help me in my decision. Since I've already completed all of my prerequisites, I only need the 32 core nursing course for my ADN at either school. I intend to complete my BSN through Mankato State once I pass the NCLEX...in two years, lol! I think North Hennepin's program will be the best option for me. Again, thank you your response and excellent advice!! I'm so excited to see my dream coming true.

Hi Colesworld. I just graduated from NHCC with my ADN this month. I thought the program was very thorough. The NCLEX pass rate is one of the very highest (97% last graduating last). I choose this program because it is very highly regarded and the only evening weekend program in the metro. The do have transfer agreements with Mankato for the RN to BSN program. Good Luck!;)