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I am looking to start a WOCN program. I would like to do it on-line and self-paced.

  1. Can anybody tell me what they thought of their programs in general?
  2. Does one program have a better reputation than the other? WebWoc vs Emory?
  3. How hard is it to arrange a preceptorship? I live in the NYC area. Especially during COVID19?
  4. How easy/hard is it to get your questions answered by an instructor or teaching assistant?

The programs I am most considering are the WebWOC program (https://webwocnurse.com/) and the Emory program (http://www.nursing.emory.edu/centers-and-initiatives/wocnec/wonec-nurse/traditional-pathway/index.html).

Thanks in advance for your input!

I am currently enrolled in Emory's program. The instructors are very responsive. I still have a module to go, but I just found my two preceptors at the second place I called. The only reason the first one didn't work out was because they didn't have certified wound nurses there. The instructors can email you a list of all preceptors in your state. I found the list to be outdated (the two listed at the facility were retired), but it still led me in the right direction. Both of my preceptors went to Emory as well. from what I have heard, Emory and Cleveland Clinic seem to be the most reputable. All of the schools will get you where you need to be though. Hope that helps a little.

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Thank you @phelanka6 for your reply. That truly does help.

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Sorry, missed this. Originally I did a program that has since closed for wound care. I did complete Ostomy and Continence through WEBWOC. I found the courses to be great, and am thinking of doing the wound one for my re-certification.  Finding a preceptor was really a pain (for the original wounds, too). I emailed 50+ people. Some busy. Some no  longer practice. Lots that will only train people that work for their company. WebWoc was underestanding, but I did have to do an extension to find and complete the preceptorship. But, in the end, I felt prepared for the exams and that I learned a lot. It was a combination of live slide presentations, and weekly web assignments (discussion board), plus a paper, I think.  And quizzes and exams (the final was proctored via webcam).

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Thank you @CalicoKitty.  Especially about the preceptor information.

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I was recently accepted into the Cleveland Clinic program. While I can’t speak to the program itself (I don’t start until January), they have been very responsive and helpful through the application and “preboarding” process and I’ve heard really great things about the program. The entire program is online and even the clinicals can be done online via simulation which was a huge plus for me and not something I saw at the other programs I looked into. There is an in person option for clinicals as well. 

Hope that helps! Good luck to you!

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@Nurse on the Go thank you for that information.  What made you choose the Cleveland program over the others?  Most are on-line and most have sim clinicals.

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Just an update. I am in the process of renewing my wound certification, again through WEBWOC. They offer online clinical now, which is very relieving. ?  Many of my coworkers have gone through Emory and enjoyed it.

Thank you every one for the information. I plan to enroll to WOCN courses. I would like to know which online program is good. I emailed to Emory university but they need me to do 120 hours for wound. I am very anxious about the exam and a bad exam taker. Any help is very appreciated. 

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I am a good test taker, so I am not sure what to tell you.  There are a lot of clinical hours for certification. It is required by the WOCNCB for certification.

Tell your test experiences, how do you read the questions.  

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I read the questions. I look at the answers - all of the answers. I throw out the ones that are wrong. I am often left with 2 choices. Sometimes I see I have 3 correct answers and realize I've read the question wrong (the negative words like except, not). When studying, if I am not sure (even if I guess right), I put it in the "kinda don't know" pile. I also remember that the test is testing the book knowledge, not "common practice".

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