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Which North Carolina Nursing School is better

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I am a pre-nursing student at UNCC and was wondering which nursing program is better, UNCC or Queens University.



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I know people are not going to like my reply....but it doesn't matter. Both schools are great as well as many others. Does UNCC have a nursing program? Years from now its not going to matter. What will matter is a valid RN license without limitations, a solid work ethic, current certifications, great references......you get the idea


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I am a fellow NC nursing student. If it was me, I would go for the less expensive school.

uncc is less expensive, but is very hard to get into. I can either stay at UNCC and retake courses, or go to Queens and pay a tuition 10 times that of UNCC.


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Go look at the NCLEX pass rates on the ncbon.org website. I went to Gardner-Webb university and it was really expensive, but had a great pass rate and I feel like I got a wonderful education there. http://ncbon.org/LicensureStats/LicStat-CATRNWEB.asp

Here is the link to the statistics website.. Good luck and let us all know what you choose!!