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Hello! I've been in school nursing for 7 years now and some pedi hospital nursing prior to that. I recently resigned my beloved school nursing position to stay home full time with my little ones (almost 4yo and 13mo). I suppose I have two questions. Questions I've been asking myself and questions that I realize only I can really answer. Though, I need some advice from some who I'm sure have been in my footsteps before. I will need my masters as a school nurse and I'm wondering if now would be a good time to work on it through an online program. My husband's job is very demanding and time consuming so I'm happily 24/7 with my little ones. Then, the next part is which program to go for. I love peds. I also have always enjoyed public health, anatomy/biology, nutrition, psych, OR nursing, and teaching. I've considered MSN with FNP or PNP, MPH, M.Ed., or a general MSN. Any thoughts? Thoughts on career paths that stemmed from one of these programs?

Thank you so much!

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If your goal is to continue being a school nurse, then there's no need to get an NP degree, as you would be over-qualified and underpaid with those credentials. I would assume you could do a general MSN, CNL or CNS. I don't think the MPH or M. Ed. would be appropriate for that position, either.

Out of curiosity, what is the reasoning of the school for requiring you to be an RN with a master's degree?

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Local school district has a couple of NPs on staff that provide preventative care for the children in the district and to be able to diagnose and order certain medications outside of protocols.

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