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Which job should I take?


Hi Everyone!

So I am going to be a new graduate nurse in a few weeks, and have been searching for jobs these past few months. About a month ago I had an interview at a hospital for a medical position. They are offering great pay and benefits, but I am not super excited about the floor as there are a lot of detoxing patients there. I went ahead and accepted a position there, although I didn't get great vibes from the HR people and my manager. I .outlying accepted this because it is a job.

Even though I had accepted the position, a hospital that I really like called and asked for an interview with me. I interviewed yesterday and absolutely loved it. I got along with the manager super well and they're offering me a spot on their cardiac floor, which I ultimately really want. They're also offering me evenings, which is crazy as a new grad, and a much better orientation process! It also is far closer to home, and pay is still very decent.

My question is, can I tell the first hospital that I'm going to go a different direction and take the second position? I dont want to go back on my word, although no paper work or anything has been signed and I still wouldn't start for 2 months. Is this incredibly unprofessional? Also, any thoughts on a new grad on a cardiac floor vs a medical floor with lots of detoxers? I've heard they can be incredibly difficult...

Thank you!

There is nothing wrong with changing your mind especially as you are two months out from your start date. I tend to go with my gut a lot and yours certainly seems to be telling you to take the cardiac floor. Your first job will be an eye opening experience no matter what unit it's on.

I agree with coffeetalker. Also it seems like you've already decided and want permission to tell the first offer off. Until paperwork is signed I'd say it's not accepted, their HR department doesn't see it as an officially extended job offer until paperwork has gone out. So take the job you've already decided you want.

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There is no comparison. Take the cardiac job. You will regret it forever if you take the job with all the detoxers; they are truly terrible.

Good luck!