Which bsn nurasing school should I go to? How important is school location and rank?

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Hello, so I'm a high school student who has been accepted to 3 bsn nursing colleges. My options are as follows: Stony Brook for $4,000, NYU for $20,000, and Emory University for $8,000. NYU and Emory are definitely better than Stony Brook so I'm trying to mainly decide between those two. I'm not sure which school I should go to because I'm born in New York and is definitely coming back to New York to work as a RN. Would it be better for me to stay in New York and go to NYU where I can intern in New York or will it be better for me to go to Atlanta, Georgia? I know Emory is better than NYU nationwise but I don't know if Emory has the same prestige NYU has in New York. Is it better for me to stay in my city and make connections or go to Atlanta knowing that Emory is cheaper and technically better? Just how important is school rank and location?

Also I might decide to become a nurse anesthesiologist after college and a couple years of work.

What are your opinions on all of this?

Please help! Thank you so much!

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If you want to stay in NY, go to school in NY.

Go to the least expensive one closest to where you want to work. Don't take on too much debt.

I wish I hadn't gone to an expensive school. I am in so much *******' debt.

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If you want to work in New York go to a school in New York. It means the program is known, you can network while in school, and your initial license will be granted in New York. Both Stony Brook and NYU to my knowledge have reputations of turning out decent nursing graduates. I'd chose Stony Brook for cost - you'll be coming out with a basic generalized nursing education and BSN either way, so might as well save 15K in the process by going to the more affordable school.

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