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my sister and myself came up with 2 different schedules. one in which you get finished a semester early. my thinking is this: our college has 40 spots in the college of nursing a semester. there are roughly 500 applicants for those spots. you will always face the same competition so why pressure yourself and have a lower gpa just to get done a semester early. you can breathe a little easier and have a higher gpa and finish in 2 years....which would be better?

summer 2008:

english composition

american government


(9 credit hours)

fall 2008:

english composition 2

college algebra

survey of chemistry

human growth and development


(15 credit hours)

spring 2009:

development of modern thought

survey of chemistry 2

microbiology of health and disease

anatomy and physiology

(15 credits)

summer 2009:

u.s. history

human communication


(8 credits)

fall 2009:


anatomy and physiology 2

womens health and nutrition issues


(13 credits)


summer of 2008:

english composition

american government (6 hours)

fall of 2008:

english composition 2

college algebra


u.s. history (13 hours)

spring of 2009:

development of modern thought

chemistry 2

microbiology in health and disease

perspective (13 hours)

fall of 2009:

statistical methods

human anatomy and physiology

fundamentals of psychology

human communications (13 hours)

spring of 2010:

human anatomy and physiology 2

women's health and nutrition issues

introduction to sociology

human growth and development

perspective (15 hours)


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I can't really read your post well d/t all the font stuff.

But it looks like you are just doing the pre-reqs in it. You need to have a high gpa to get into the program. I don't know why you would want to sacrifice your chances.


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I can't read your post either - can you edit it to get rid of all that font stuff? In general, if you haven't started college yet, why don't you see how you do first semester and take it from there? I've personally always gotten BETTER grades when I've been busy and challenged than when I've only taken a few credits at a time (and I have a previous BS and am halfway through an accelerated BSN program).


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Depends on your GPA. I transferred in with a 4.0 and am a good student so I arranged my schedule to be finished in a year and a half. Common sense says that if you struggle with grades you shouldn't push it but if academics come fairly easily to you then why not finish early so you can get to work and start thinking about an advanced degree.

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