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I just checked my semester grades and I got a "C" in microbiology! WHOO HOO!! NOW I just have to pass the pharmacology test this morning at the hospital where I am going to be working. I found out this morning that if I don't pass it, I can't be hired for SIX MONTHS. Talk about pressure!

I'll let everyone know this afternoon if I will be working or not!


Good luck Laura!

Let us know how it goes. :D ;)

Glad to see you passed and good luck this afternoon!!! :) ;) :)

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It's the next day? What happened???

Rick :confused:

Hey Rick, sorry, I submitted a new post under "pharmacology exam." ANYWAY, I passed the test! With a 90!! Now I am employed, but I don't start until June 4th, so I have a little while to relax and CLEAN my house, which has greatly suffered during school.

Thanks for asking!


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