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Took Ma in for cataract surgery this morning......She came through with flying colors.

I was apprehensive, as she is almost 75, and usually reacts really weird to the anesthesia.....she sleeps for days afterward.

But she was awake and making sense out of the OR, and within an hour she was home resting.

I got to watch on closed circuit, and it was awesome....I hadda walk out a couple of times when "daughter" and not "nurse" kicked in, but all in all it was awesome.

We have her liver biopsy scheduled for Monday morning (she has Hep C due to blood transfusions) and I am hoping that this goes as well.

Thanks for letting me get this off my chest.


jschut, BSN, RN

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I'm so happy your Mom made it all right. I know what it's like... my Mom is 72, but she lives 3 hours away from me. I tried to get her to buy the house next door to me, but unfortunately, someone else bought it before hers sold. I wish I could be there when she needed me. I miss her so...

Thank God for your Mom... I'll pray for her, and you too.

Love, Julie:)


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Ma just called, she is in major pain right now. She is restricted to her choices of analgesics, due to the other meds she is on, and her Hep C negates even tylenol.

She is allergic to codeine, and her stomach rebels with any of the other narcotics.

Poor baby! I called the MD, and he told me that she could take a few aspirin without any real problems, and she did that. I sure hope that makes her feel better.

I feel so helpless in times like these, when I should be able to help and can't........

She has a really HIGH pain threshold, and when she complains about pain, she is really hurting.

I think the pain is some from the surgery itself, but I get the feeling that most of it, by her description is from the cauterization of the membranes over and within the eye itself. She says it feels like a burn kind of pain....

Oh, I feel so bad for her.

Thanks for listening, and, Julie, thanks for the prayers. We can all use em right now.


Marla I am glad to hear your mom's surgery went well. I hope her next test goes well and that she gets to feeling better soon.

Take care,


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