Where went the Rn Program :(

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:) I was hoping on obtaining my RN. I went to college to register and sure enough the program has stopped running.

I don't have the grades to do the BScN or the desire to do the RPN... so what else is out there....

I've worked high school years plus upgrading to reach the cordentials for the RN.

Now I really feel lost with out it.

How do you all feel about it... what do you think... about this new programs by (is it just????) the Ontario gov.

Let me now.....


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Oh no!~ I have a good friend leaving NS on Wednesday...doing an LPN bridging program in Ontario for 13 months I think. I did hear that this is the last year for the program tho. Would you consider doing a BScN?


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to NS_RN:

what briding program are you talking about? i haven't heard about it and i live in ontario. i'm not asking for myself (i'm an RN grad now) but am curious for friends of mine who are in that situation.

sadly there are no more mobility programs for RPN's anywhere in canada. only way to RN now is via bachelor degree.


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I'm in BC. Douglas College in New Westminster has a bridge out program where you can exit and write...


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I'm also at Douglas college! I'm in second semester and we're the last class to be able to bridgeout. The semester one students have to do a Bsn.


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Goooo Douglas! I graduated in '93. Thanks for the update!


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They stopped the 2 year program in i think 92 or 93 then it was 3 year now Bachelors. Glad I became an RN in 92. My friend just completed her BSN she was an RN said the course sucked. What is the difference I have been told that it is administration. Personally I want hands on not paper work? Could be wrong can anyone tell me the difference, besides more money and more schooling Thanks

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