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i am planning to move to mov to or in june. i want to go back to school when i get there. hubby is working in woodburn and hopefully can find a place to live nearby.

i have been a lpn for almost 19 years. i have worked mostly ortho/neuro and i have taught a preop spine class for the last 2 years, as we do about 400 spine surgeries a year where i work now. i also work on the ortho/neuro unit fulltime.

how do the rn programs work in or? is it difficult to be accepted? are there programs for lpn to bridge to rn? seems like quite a few posts talk about how hard it is to get into a program....here, you just sign up and go!

wow, what a concept to be denied acceptance into a program when we are (as always) in a nursing shortage.

any good leads for a job when i get there?

feeling real uneasy about this move as i have a good job with a fabulous boss right here.

thanks in advance for any help i can get.


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Hmm, it is competetive to get into RN programs here for non-nurses, but I am not sure how this works for LPNs/nurse bridge programs. From what I've been told, jobs are more competitive in the Portland area, but there are excellent hospitals in Woodburn, Newberg and Salem that may be better bets. Good luck, sorry that I don't have more answers.


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I am not that familiar with the process, but I do know that Clark College in Vancouver, WA holds a few spots for LPNs in their RN program. Here is their website: http://www.clark.edu/

Good luck!


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Woodburn is near Salem. Check out Chemeketa Community College in Salem (http://www.chemeketa.edu) for their policies on LPN to RN. Other schools are Clackamas Community College in Oregon City, (aren't Indian names great?) Portland Community College in Portland, and Mt Hood Community College in Gresham, as well as Clark mentioned above, but they're farther away. Graduates of all these schools (well, I don't know about Clark) can be admitted to OHSU (http://www.ohsu.edu/son) for an RN to BSN.

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Some of our current LPNs are getting an RN from an on-line school. The Board of Nursing doesn't seem to have any problem with them.

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