Where do nurse massage therapists work?

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I know where a LMT typically works but I don't know where NMT's work...Ofcourse it makes sense that you probably work in hospitals or clinics but I would love to hear more about your job description and if you must do your usual "staff or floor nursing" along with massage OR are you employed specifically for massage. If so, are you expected to follow a certain protocal or are you able to be pretty independent?

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In my region, Nurse Massage Therapists in the hospitals are there to give massage to the staff members (doctors and other nurses). One hospital is allowing their Nurse Massage Therapist to offer classes (patient has to pay) in infant and child massage.

I actually am working 2 jobs, still doing my nursing PRN or per diem, but actually put on the schedule in one department to fill in the gaps because they are really short staffed.

Then after I got out of massage school I started my own business, Western Kansas Medical Massage. I work there 3 days a week, but I am getting busier and may have to do less actual nursing and more massage.

I am working right now with the Director of Nursing to set up

a hospital based massage program at our hospital. We are trying to get info abouit other programs and how they are run. There is the part of doing massage on the hospital staff. Then there is the part that we are working on, doing massage to the patients in the hospital. There are a lot of questions on if I would do it as a massage therpist or as a nurse. I live in Kansas and most insurance will not pay a massage therpist. Then we had to see if I could do it as a nurse under the Kansas Nurse practice act. Since Knasas does not require a license for massage

(which is terrible!! We are working on that with the legislature) ANYONE can do massage. So a nurse can, (if it is OK with the hospital) because it is not under the guidlelines or restrictions of any other board, etc.

And if I do it as a nurse, I would probably get paid as a nursing specialty, per hour instead of how I do it in my office per 15 minutes. And get paid less as doing it as a nurse.

And we have to look at the difference between patient requested treatments and if the doctor orders or not. The patient would have to pay themself if it is not ordered, and how that would be done. Looks funny to work on someone in the hospital and take money from them. But if I do it as a nurse I would get my hourly wage.

And looking at setting up policy and procedures!!!!! The worst part of it all!!!! So I would not be independent at all. Don;'t think that is possible in the hospital.

Then there is the question of if I would be stepping on Physical Therapies toes...

There are so many questions, and I am working on it. There is a site.... hbmt.com hospital based massage therapy

that is supposed to give you all the answers. But you pay $35 and get nothing except access to a bulletin board. You have to pay for all the information in addition to that. So I have e-mailed some of the people on the bulletin board and am getting some information that way.

But mostly right now, I do my own work out of my office and I love it!!!! Can set my own hours, am getting some referrals from doctors and chiropractors, (even tho insurance usually doesn't pay) and lot of word of mouth. That is where I am independent. Also have nutritional supplements available, topical pain relief stuff, therapy bands, etc. I look at their medicattions and make sure they aren't messing around with their RX and herbals that may be contraindicated. I teach them exercises to stretch or strengthen what needs to be done to help the treatments last longer. I try to get to the cause of the problem, not just treat the pain.

OK!!! Rambled long enough!!! Have patients coming in!!!

sounds like your busy. i've received my fl. lmt about 5 yrs ago and has since let it expire. i,m glad there are those out there,like you

going on with all of those situations that i forsaw.nursing in my area has many problems in by itself.what you are doing is laying the groundwork for the future of massage.dr's graduating are getting the value of massage and i think your job will get eassier.the difficult part is the pay .drg's won't allow it to trickle down to the rn/lmt.then you have the politics.........! good for you

To Nurseyperson--

Dr. Tiffany Fields of the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami in Miami, Florida is conducting research on massage protocols. One study involved a massage protocol on premature infants. You could possibly obtain information that would assist you in implementation in your hospital. I do not have the phone number, but the University of Miami Information number can be reached M-F, day business hours (305) 284-2211 Good Luck

Safi from the Miami area

Wow. Sounds like the history of Oriental medicine & acupuncture in the USA. Didn't know lmt's had it so tough. Saw the post on "feels funny taking money from a patient in hospital". Had to laugh- that's what actually goes on all day long in hospitals- taking money from patients. Nothing unusual there.


Yep, all you do when you are a patient in the hospital is give out money, directly or indirectly, now or later!!! I started a new thread about what is going on now, as far as nursing and massage (neuromuscular therapy) in the hospital and clinic.


I have been a psych RN for 17 years in Louisiana, and will graduate from MT school in Dec. I have been doing massage at a friend's salon, without advertising it as "massage therapy" until I get licensed. My query is regarding charging for services. What is a reasonable charge for services as a nurse and unlicensed as a MT? Are there any other considerations I should be aware of from the perspective on finances/billing?

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