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Where are NPs most/least in demand?

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You are reading page 2 of Where are NPs most/least in demand?. If you want to start from the beginning Go to First Page.

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I am in Pittsburgh and it depends on the type - we can't hire enough AG-ACNPs, although FNPs are having a harder time.

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3 hours ago, jmaynp said:

Check out the data on US dept of labor, bureau of labor stats:


The location quotient map tells the story.  Hover over the different areas, don't just look at the map.  In areas of highest concentration of jobs (assume this means jobs currently held by warm bodies), the salaries are also the lowest.  This is also affected by COL (see CA).

For example, salaries are quite low in Nashville, TN (as I mentioned above) where there is a very high concentration of NPs.  Same applies to many areas in TN unfortunately.  As you can imagine, job hunters find it difficult.

Why are there low salaries?  Many NP schools flooding the market with new NPs.  Another issue (IMO) - low(ish) wages for nurses.  Research that and you will find TN isn't anywhere near many other markets (even Nashville, which is NOT a low COL area) so when seeking upward mobility, the first thing many think of is "NP".  

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