Where are all the LPN jobs?


Is it me or is the job market for LPN's especially bleak right now? Unless it's a LTC or SNF, there aren't alot of jobs for LPN's out there. I have worked LTC/SNF early in my career, and have no desire at this juncture of my career to go back.

But all the jobs either want MA's, or RN's. And not just RN's, but BSN's. It's tough for some of my RN cohorts, as well, but it is especially tough for an LPN!!

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The employment market for LPNs varies from region to region. Some metro areas are glutted with way too many LPNs and not enough jobs for everyone who wants to work, while other cities and towns still have abundant LPN opportunities.

You've heard that real estate is all about location, location, location. Well, the same concept applies to job markets for nurses.

Keep in mind that the sluggish economy plays a part in this, as employers are still reluctant to hire all the help they truly need.


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In my area we have quite a few openings for LPN's with experience. Of course a lot is LTC but patients are getting more complex in LTC so it's actually quite interesting. It's just the 30 patients that is the bummer. Medical offices, urgent cares, and state prisons hire a lot of LPN's around here .


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Like was said above, its about location. I live in East TN and there are plenty of LPN jobs (not in hosp). MD offices, clinics, DD/MR, schools, home health, private duty... i its wide open. But the pay rates here are lower due to low cost of living.


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military hospitals are hiring through loyal source, american hospital service group, maxim health care....VA hires lpn also


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I live in east TN too! I work in a mr/dd group home. Lpns here do have a variety of job opportunities, ltc, assisted living, corrections, clinics, group homes, home health, flu clinics, school nursing, even some factories and insurance companies hire nurses too. Hospitals still hire lpns here but, not as much as a few years ago.