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Hi fellow nurses!

So I am soon getting submitted for a job in Cleveland making about $2000/wk after taxes. I'm not familiar with the area at all, and the hospital is near Case Western University. I'm trying to figure out whether it makes more sense to stay in an Extended Stay Hotel or find a room/sublet in the area. I don't want to be more than a 25 min drive from the hospital.

Is there anyone that has been to Cleveland and have suggestions on specific Extended Stay hotels or nice areas? Also, what is the best way to find hotel deals? I've gone to the individual websites but they don't really give me the cost breakdown... and I don't exactly know if I feel comfortable living with roommates since I'll likely be working nights and need to sleep during the day. I'm also married so my husband needs to know that I'm safe.

Anybody know the Cleveland area? Are there any hotels/apartments that have covered parking since it'll be in the winter?


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I do not know much about extended stay hotels in the area but I work for the Clinic, but I figure you will be working for UH which basically are neighbors. The rent is high really close to these hospitals (due to being a college area) or can be scary because both hospitals are not really in super safe areas. Lots of people that work at CCF or UH live in Cleveland Heights, Shaker Heights, University Heights, or Beachwood (all to the East of the hospitals). All of these areas would be typically less than 25 mins. West of the hospital like Lakewood tend to be longer commutes but that is also an ares lots of people live. Lots of landlords list their properties on Craig's list. You also might want to contact a realtor as the have the ability to also show rental properties.

Hope this helps.


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I agree, I would avoid the downtown area right near the hospitals due to the poor neighborhoods or high prices of the reasonably safe areas. If you head west, there is Lakewood, Westlake, Fairview/Westpark. I am not familiar with East side as much, but Beachwood and Shaker are reasonably nice from what I know.

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Try Gates Mills apartments in Mayfield Heights. I believe they rent furnished units.