Where am I going to work?


I am graduating in 3 weeks. My NCLEX-PN app is being sent in this week. Problem: I have a canviction for forgery and theft (it really was a bad check) in Union county, 15 years ago. My instructor says I will be able to take NCLEX, but where am I going to work.

I can't work in a NH, that seems to be the only jobs around where I live. I've been feeling like I have wasted my time over this last year.

I'm planning in getting it expunged. I'm waiting on paperwork from my lawyer. It has taken since Feb. to get the paperwork filled out.


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I think that the only thing that will really keep you out of nursing is Drug charges and domestic violence charges.

We were told that if we had a felony or convection of any kind, to write the board of nursing and tell them the situation. Then they would make a decision if you could sit for the boards or not.

Considering its been 15 years ago, if you have a clean record since then, I don't see why they wouldn't let you sit for it.

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I would ask the lawyer to get a move on it bc i had to get something expunged off of my record and it only took like 4 weeks and I even had the signed letter from the judge back in my mail box. It really is a short process.


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You could try HOSPICE or HOME HEALTH if you truly dont want to work in a nursing home, but pay may not be what you were expecting if you do choose HH or Hospice.See what you like...you never know....Doctor's office may be soemthing else also

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I know that you are in the same area as me, the current NH that I am working in is BY FAR the nicest one in the area.

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