Where should I go to take pre-quisite?(and more questions)

Nursing Students Pre-Nursing


I am from south korea .I graduated 4 year collage there and have bachelor degree of art manegement. Now I moved to NYC and would like to start my new career here.

I want to go to private nursing school here like philips beth israel. I've look into admission on website and found that I have to take a prequisite classes.

First,Where Can I take the pre-quisite?Should I take any entrance exam to take the prequisite?

Second,Each private school require different pre-quisite.I am going to apply to a few private schools for safe.But How can I fulfill each school's different pre-quisite?Shdoul I take all of classes that each school are asking for?

Third, Do you guys know any private school in nyc or nearby (I want to be a RN and want to go ro 2 year nursing program)

Have a nice day! Thanks

1) Take any pre-requisites at any community college. If you have a BS/BA already, you generally won't have to take any exams to take classes. You would just have to sign up for the school, send them a transcript of your previous college and then start signing up for classes.

2) Make a list of all the schools and their pre-requisites. Start mapping out classes to take, focusing on common pre-requisites.

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