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Where do I go from here


Hello everybody!

I am a pre-nursing student at Boise state university. I have been going to school for 3 years and just received my second letter of rejection from the nursing program. When I decided LONG ago that I wanted to be a nurse I had no idea the obstacles I would face. I got my CNA right out if high school and was very involved in my community, over 100 volunteer hours, so I thought I had done all of the right things. I applied last fall with a 3.5 and an essay I was pretty proud of but I was not accepted. I found out later that nobody below a 3.75 was accepted despite how wonderful their essays were. This spring I reapplied and found out they are no longer taking essays, just grades. So I was again not accepted. I'm retaking classes and plan to apply again this fall but I'm living under extreme stress over getting An A in classes I've already earned a B in. I know I want to be a nurse and I love my CNA job but what do I do now? Keep trying for my current program or Look for a program out of state that will respect my experience in the medical field?

I feel so defeated! Help!


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Have you considered applying to more schools? It is hard to have all your eggs in one basket.

Apply to as many schools as you can, even community colleges. Even though you will get an associates, you can go back to do RN to BSN programs. Good luck.

The community college in my area is not accredited by NLNAC or CCNE. I plan to go on and get my CNM and ill need a degree from an accredited school for that