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I need some advice. I am wanting to make a big change but I don't know where to begin. I don't care for the area I'm living in and I want to make a move. Moving near family isn't an option because that would be a small town in Nebraska or Northern Michigan (Both areas are absolutely beautiful but neither would provide financial stability for my husband and myself). Has anyone ever faced this and how did you decide where to move. Cost of Living? Job opportunities? Pay?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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If finances are the priority, then cost of living, job prospects and pay scales needs to be what drives you. Pay scale and cost of living are rather interdependant usually.

Do you have children? School systems, local tax bases, juvenile statistics might be important info.

How do you like to recreate? Do you enjoy winter/snow sport of the North? Is your blood thinner, so a 50 degree day is as cold as you could tolerate?

Could you stand the traffic congestion in a large city?

Would you enjoy the broad spectrum of nursing responsibilities and frequent adrenaline-rush-inducing aspects that are a part of practicing at a small or rural hospital?

Are you considering advancing your education? Proximity to a learning institution of choice might be considered.

Good luck!


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I decided to move near family. To me that takes presidence (SP). It depends on what your priorities are. I have 3 children, husband, and parents as my support system. The area I moved to is also small, around 50 thousand people. There is always job opportunities in towns of this size. Hope this helps. Just think what your priorities are. Do you want to make a lot of money, live in a big town, have nice weather all year round, shopping, you name it only you and your husband can answer that.

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