Where should I go to find less stressful day shift


I have been a RN for only one year now. I work nights as my floor, med/surg, would appear to be too stressful for a new grad to start out on days. Many of the veteran day nurses have recently broke down in tears stating they can not contiue at the current pace. My question is where should I look to find an RN position working days that would be at a managable pace. I am open to areas other than a hospital. Thank you in advance. Sam

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Hopefully you will get some good suggestions but days just tend to be stressful, imo. I hate days mostly because of all the traffic. I'm busy trying to do 100 different things with numerous administrators poking around my nurses station.


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I concur with the previous poster. I would also purchase darkening drapes for the bedroom and a good pair of earplugs. I abhorred the earplugs at first but, now I have a difficult time sleeping without them. Curiously, I am still able to hear my alarm and even my cell phone if it is set to vibrate. Your brain learns what to block out and what to recognize as important. Good luck, I believe you will find nights easier than you had anticipated. Sam


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The traffic during the day would be my biggest complaint as well. I have trained during the day in both jobs I had for at least a week or so, and the traffic was insane. Being a night shift person, I am not used to that. Right now I work on a surgical floor and it is a mad house during the day. So I really have no suggestions for you, I just want to wish you luck!

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Less stressful day shift? You mean there IS such a thing?

If there is, I have yet to discover it---I've worked every shift, and in fact worked days for 10 years. Then last fall, I changed to 3-11, and I wouldn't go back to days for anything. It's busy, but after 1700 most of the support staff and management go home, and everybody breathes this huge sigh of relief........there are way fewer people to fall over when you're trying to get to charts, no 'suits' breathing down your neck (and I used to BE one of them, ugh) and the phone doesn't ring quite as much. Yep, it's evening shift for me!

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