Where to give away my books?


Just finished my BSN.

Have the complete ATI Nursing education set and want to give it away (also have TEAS book). Sites like half.com and whatnot seem like a ton of work to sell them individually for pennies.

Anyone know where I can just give them away with minimal effort?

I also have some white shoes I'll never need again and don't want to just light on fire, despite the temptation. :p

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Why not see if you can post it on a bulletin board at your school? There's probably students in earlier classes who would jump at the opportunity.


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Maybe you could put up a note at your old school? Craigslist? If you just want to get rid of them, thrift store near you? You make more money personally on ebay than half.com, but there is the hassle of it all.

Unfortunately, my school includes these books (with the exception of the TEAS) as part of the prepaid curriculum, so, no one would need them. :/