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Hello. I am an RN (one year experience- Peds and Med Surg) and I want to go into ER nursing. I am still a bit green (new) to the field and want to be prepared. Where can I go to get my ER training?? Does anyone know of any good preceptor programs? I live on the East Coast. There are no hospitals in my area that offer any training programs. I have searched around on the Internet as well and have not found much.

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Go talk to the nurse manager in your ER. She may be able to give you a heads up on any upcoming nursing residencies. Ask if she would want you to have your ACLS prior to working there. Some hospitals require it, others I have seen will train you once you are already working in your residency. As you go along there are other ER specific courses like the TNCC (Trauma Nursing Core Course), but I don't know of any nurses who took it to start in ER, usually it is taken later. You may be able to find a course in your area for cardiac rhythm interpretation as a precursor to ACLS (if that is something you did not cover in your Nursing school). If you can't find one in your area I'm sure you can find one online. I would suggest you buy Dr Dale Dubin's book "Rapid Interpretation of EKGs" it is excellent! Good luck:)

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Trauma training?

Level 1 trauma center.

Dubin's book is a good one.

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