Where in FL can nurses make the most money?

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Hi allnurses family,

I currently live in Houston, TX and I am interested in moving to Florida but I hear that the pay for RN's in Florida is not that great.  I was an LPN for 6 years and I have been an RN (BSN) for 2 years - my experience is in pharmacy infusion, skilled nursing and med surg.  I make between $32-38 per hour - where would I be able to live to make that (or more) in florida and live comfortably?  your help with this is greatly appreciated.



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Why not take a travel nursing assignment in Florida first.  They make more money and you can see if you like it there before moving.  


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@WynGator that sounds like a good idea-I will consider that.  I have been to Florida I have family who live everywhere except Tampa.  But they are not in healthcare like I am but I think a travel assignment might be a good option.  Thank you