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Can anyone point me in the right direction. I am looking into nursing programs in the Seattle area. I am 31 years old & currently work full-time and I have no idea how I can possibily support myself financially thro school. Its been a burning ambition to be a nurse for many years, so I know I need make it happen. I was educated in England to degree level so I don't think I will qualify for financial aid over here.

I also think I will need to do prequites before being accepted and I'm not sure how to afford health insurance whilst studying.

please can anyone offer advice and let me know there is a way

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Go to the school and speak to an admissions advisor or a financial aid person about your financial concerns and they can steer you in the right direction.

It's possible for you to work full time and take a course or two part time (some can be taken online) and get all the pre-reqs and co-reqs out of the way before you get to the nursing program, which will make the nursing program easier while you continue to work.

Good luck to you.


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many thanks for your reply. I wasn't sure if you could talk to college counselors without being enrolled, I'm from England so sometimes I get a little lost :)

thanks again


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Andrea, they are there for the potential student as well as the current student. Don't be afraid to talk to them, tell them your interests, and what your needs are. Good luck!


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will show you WHERE the programs are by state and what type (BSN, ADN, Lpn-RN, etc).

Your first step is to FIND the schools and then see their finanicial aid depts about what you can do. You can apply for EVERY scholarship you see, and maybe hit on something, too. Apply for Grants, apply for everything even if it seems you have no chance.....you will increase your chances of some sort of assistance that way. Failing that, you may have to do what many of us others have, go for loans. (groan).

Good luck. I live in the Seattle area, too! If there is more I can do to help you, please PM me.


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many thanks for the link. I'm sure I will have more questions along the path, so I will PM you if I get stuck.

I'm thinking that loans for education are good debt, at least thats what I'm trying to convince myself :)

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