Where are the DNP Programs?

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I'm interested in getting my CRNA DNP. What programs offer a DNP program? Is there a program that allows you to attain a DNP bridge degree while you work on your Master's CRNA degree?


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Great question and I am curious about DNP program locations also.

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VCU has a bridge program and TCU is starting one. I don't know what other schools have DNP programs. Actually TCU is DNP and VCU is DNAP. If that matters to you.


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I know TCU and U of Pittsburg offer DNP for CRNAs. Texas Wesleyan University and Virginia Commonwealth University offer DNAP.

University of Minnesota's CRNA program is now DNP, the first class starts Aug '09, I believe.


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what will the benefit be to have DNP or DNAP?

Other than possibly teaching in the future if DNP becomes a requirement, I am not sure??? I don't think it will = more $$. However, I do applaud anyone that wants to pursue it. I hope I'm done after this!

I think OHSU in Portland has one too. Double check though.

I know that DNP stands for Doctorate of Nursing Practice and DNAP stands for Doctorate of Nurse Anesthesia Practice, but what is the practical difference between the two?


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OHSU= Masters

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