Where are CT LPN volunteering opportunities?

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Hi Everyone:

How do I locate possible volunteer situations? How many hours a week/month are required?

I am an older nurse who holds a valid license from another state. Because that state is not my primary residence, I do not qualify for the Compact license and I do not have the money to relocate to that state.

I have not worked as an active nurse for over three years so I took an approved LPN refresher course, did my clinicals at a nearby LTC/Rehab facility, and am awaiting taking the NCLEX-PN in December per the state requirements.

Two days ago I called a Home Health Agency and was told that I would need at least one year of current experience to be considered. NONE of my previous experience counts!

Since I reside in a building in which the rent is prorated by income and have no dependants, I can afford to volunteer to get the year's experience needed although I would much rather work for pay. I realize that we are in tough economic times and it may be very hard to land a paying job at this time as an older LPN.

I have experience as a unit secretary but want to volunteer as an LPN as I also have prior experience as an LPN.

Any thoughts or advice gratefully received. :)

I would recommend volunteering in whatever capacity is available in the facility that you will want to work at once your boards are passed. Even if you worked in the hospital as a volunteer in day surgery waiting room for example, your volunteer experience will show them your personality, dependability, and allow you to make personal contacts at that facility. I know of many people who have been hired on, after working a short time as a volunteer in that company.

Hi Leelee2:

Thank you so much for your thoughtful reply. It gives me hope.

Much appreciated!


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