Where to do Continuing Education credits online?


Hi Everyone,

I am trying to plan ahead for my 30 hours of continuing education credits to complete by November when my license is up for renewal. I am a NC nurse and know there are SO many websites out there for continuing education online. Can yall recommend any good ones? I was so happy to learn that they could be completed online! The college I attended wants $250 for one class that is only worth 2 hours. :eek:

Any recommendations? Thanks so much!!!

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You have to register, but it's free. I have about 18 credits earned right now; many of the articles are worth 0.25 or 0.5 credits but they only take a few minutes to complete. There are also webcasts (live and recorded) as well as multi-part activities worth more credits. Any topic, any specialty.

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:) you're welcome!


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Could yall answer a question for me? This is my first time doing CE credits. When you complete courses do they automatically get sent to the board of nursing?