Where can I go in MI to train to become a CNA?


Could someone point me in the right direction of where to go to get certified?

Thank you! :)

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Wyandotte Hospital has classes that they use to train aides to work at their hospital. I am not sure if they certify you. You can call their nursing ed department at (734) 246-6000 (ask for them through this number) The Red Cross still offers CNA training. You can call the Detroit office and find out more info. The number for the Detroit office is (313) 576-4130 regarding nurse assistant training. And also check out michigan.gov. I do think also that some cities Adult ED offers some CNA training also. I know after you complete fundamentals in nursing school you can work as a aide. So good luck in your training. Highland Park Adult Ed also after I did a google search for another city adult ed came up and they offer CNA training. I didn't know where to lead you since I am not sure where you are from in MI. I hope this helps.

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...many nursing homes offer training and pay for your CNA testing if you commit to working for them for so many months. Some hospitals also. What part of the state are you looking at? Get on the websites of the larger hospitals and check out the career/job apps and you can tell who is hiring and from there you can email and ask if they have such a program as training for CNA.

...let us know how you make out

Thank you so much!

I am in the metro detroit area. When I go to the hospital sites it will say they are hiring for nurse aides butyou have to have a year of clinicals finished or be in the nursing program currently. I won't start the program until this fall :(. BUT I am thankful for your tips. I am going to contact a few places today.

Again, thank you I really appreciate it. I'll let you know what happens :)


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