Where can I get my NRP certification?

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Hello, I'm a new grad currently trying to get in to Postpartum nursing/Perinatal. It's been tough to see any jobs available for new nurses in the midst of the pandemic and to find an accredited NRP program thats solely online. Where can I get my NRP? Are the online classes with no in person contact accredited? Any information is helpful! Thank you in advance.

Also, I hear that once hired, most employers pay for or allow a certain time to obtain the necessary certifications. I have some preceptorship experience in the NICU, so I'm hoping it makes some sense to obtain my NRP before getting a job.



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@chare Thank you kindly for the recommendation and info! I appreciate it. Stay safe, be well.

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There are no legit online NRP courses. All require an in-person mega code. Your employer will put you through NRP after you're hired - no need to get it beforehand. Having it will not making you any more or less employable.