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Where can I find a nursing job while on probation?

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by Erica0011 Erica0011 (New Member) New Member

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Where can I find a nursing job while on probation in the Birmingham, AL metro area?

Or are there any websites dedicated for employment for nurses on probation?

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GotoGirlRN has 5 years experience and works as a Specialty infusion, pediatrics, adult med/surg.

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I am in a situation where I have been unemployed for over 1 year! It is so frustrating. I feel like I wasted my time getting my BSN and student loans! I am not going to lose hope though, I'm still plugging along.

A little over a year ago, I had a miscarriage and my husband was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I "broke" under the pressure and had to get on anti-depressant medication. Well I took my medication as ordered and went to work as usual. Basically I was taken off of the floor during my shift and was told I was "acting strangely". I was drug tested=negative, alcohol tested= negative. I was still placed on "Probation with restrictions" for 2 years (yes I got an attorney). I was fired from my job and it has been over a year and I have not found another job yet. I have interviewed with managers who acted very understanding about my situation and basically told me I had the job, just to be called back and told they couldn't hire me due to my probation.

I am frustrated, and I guess my point is, if you find any advice, let me know. Just know there are people in similiar positions as you but you have to keep moving forward! Good luck!

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catmom1 works as a MDS Coordinator.

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To the OP, Erica0011-

Check with the nurses' recovery support groups in your area. They will most likely have some ideas for you.

There are many, many threads in this forum about job hunting while on probation. Use the search feature and find them. They have a wealth of ideas, interviewing tips, etc.

Best wishes,

Catmom :paw:

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