Where can I buy a Littman ClassicII in Edmonton



I'm wondering where is the best place to buy a Littman Classic II in Edmonton. I know CUI sells them for $120 and Canadian College of Emergency Medical Services sells them for $95. Does anyone know of anywhere else I could try. Where I might hopefully get one cheaper. Also where is the best place to buy drug and lab books for clinicals.



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I bought mine at school. The Littman sales reps came around during the semester.

You can try Chapters.com for some of the books. Usually cheaper than the bookstores on campus, but you can't get all the books you need from them. Used book posters appear all over campus, so try your faculty building.

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Amazon.ca has a good selection of drug manuals and other useful resources at reasonable prices. Free shipping on orders over $39... show me a nursing book of any kind that isn't at LEAST that much!


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Chapters.com also does the free shipping thing after $39


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In Edmonton:

University of Alberta Bookstore carries a big section of nursing books as well as a good selection of Littman stethoscopes.... Grant Macewan college book store also carries books and supplies, but less variety. I've seen the Uniform stores (I.C.U. on south side & Accuwear on West side) also carry some Littmans; limited choices though.

Sorry I do not know the prices off-hand. It will be cheaper online though. but at least you can go and browse through the selection. I recommend the UofA.. =) hope this kinda helps?

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