Where is the best place to take A&P I online?


Hi everybody,

I was going to take A&P I online through a community college that is really cheap, but another poster on this site mentioned that the exam questions are very vague and that she had to work extra hard. I'm working full-time and feel so anxious about doing A&P right. So I thought maybe there was a better online course out there. Does anyone have any recommendations?



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I'm taking it through ccconline.org right now, we are half way through and I have a 94% average . I love it. This class is not easy, it is a lot of work, but if you are willing to work you will be able to do well. There are 1050 points in total, lecture quizzes are worth 190 pts, assignments 120, discussions 100, lab assignments & quizzes 450, and learning journal submissions 180. Everything is online, including exams. The nice thing is if you blow a test or something, there are plenty of places to make it up. I think it can be expensive for out of state (its $154/cr for instate) and you have to buy your lab kit which runs about 250 or so. Your transcripts however come from a home college and don't show up as online classes. I hope this give you an idea on this as an option. Good luck!!

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