When to send a thank you note?


I had an interview two days ago and will be sending out my handwritten card tomorrow. I know this may have been a bad idea to wait; I didn't realize that it is suggested to send one as soon as possible. I figured that since there will still be interviews all week, I could send one a little later so it'll get to them around the time which they'll be done.

Im aware email would have been quicker and an easy option, but I wanted to do something more personal which is why I opted for a handwritten card.

Am I overthinking it right now that it was a bad idea to wait? Is it really a big deal to send one right away?


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I don't think its necessarily bad, its just that it would have been BETTER to send it right away. But its not a big deal at all -- just be sure to send it out tomorrow! Good luck!!

By the way -- I saw that you also were invited to interview for CHOC PICU this summer. The PICU nurse recruiter called me kind of at a bad time -- I was half headed out the door and busy -- so I was flustered and couldn't catch her name. Do you happen to remember it?


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Thanks! I believe the manager who called was named Alyssa, from what I was able to catch.