When to search for next assignment


How soon do most of you start looking for your next assignment and how far ahead do hospitals typically start looking for staff?

I am about 1 month from the end of my assignment and I am also going to take a 2 week family vacation at the end of my assignment. I want to have something lined up for when I'm back from vacation and I really don't want to have to worry about it when I am on vacation.

What are your experiences and what do you try to do?


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Around 4 weeks from the end date of your current contract is a good time to start looking, which is where you are now. Update your resume with your latest assignment and get it out to a few agencies (unless you are comfortable with the one you're now using) and see what kind of offers they come up with. You want to do this now (before you go on vacation) so they have enough time to submit you to jobs you are interested in, do interviews, etc., then you won't have to stress over it while you're on vacation.


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My contract finished June 3rd. I'm already looking to what I will do next. I'm torn between in State vs out of State. I was thinking NY but what I can see is the City has a lot of crime and problems there. I want to go to Manhattan but I need a good hospital to go to in a better part of town that needs a very qualified Nurse to work as a Traveler.

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