When you know that is lateral work place violence?

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AN is a big site, with a lot of nurses and health care personal, americans and not only. Each of them may be one time in her/his life was around of case of lateral violence in work place. I wish, if God help me, one day to be able to study and apply in practice methods to help people to be never on that side.

How do you know that what is happen with you at work is a lateral violence? Did you ever asked that?

I will tell you my story. I am foreign nurse, I am Zuzi, and I am a happy nurse. Someones told that I am a good nurse, someones tell that I am foreign, someone told that I don't belive in God but I belive in fairies, someones told that I am gay, but I am not, someones hate me, someone love me....but all know that I am a soft one, without anyone around.

And lateral violence start with soft alone people.

Lateral violence is when someone try to put you down correcting you reapetely and emphazing that, is when someone pass closed to you and make sarcastic remarks about you, knowing that no one will hear it, lateral violence is when they talk toghter and they stop to talk when you will appear, lateral violence is when they laugh behind you, lateral violence is when they comment and critic each of your decisions, lateral violence is when they bossy you and put you down, lateral violence is even if you ask them to stop this behavior they louding their voice at you, lateral violence is when you go crying at home and you don't want to go back to work...

Lateral violence, make nurses and helth care workers to hate them job...is the most humiliating experience ever....I wish with all my heart to be able to help people who pass by it.... to EVER to not think that are alone.....

Lateral violence is INTOLERABLE! :crying2:

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Actually the theory behind "if she quits because of you, then you're fired, too." was that picking on her would stop, and it did. The other person did not want to work with her but she wanted her job more.

Wow. I am so sorry to hear of what you have been through. I have heard some interesting 'nursing tales' but nothing that blatantly unprofessional and well, rude. All I can say is this, you deserve better. If someone cannot treat you with respect and in a professional manner, simply walk away. You don't get paid enough in nursing to lose your dignity and sanity. Abuse from coworkers (whom you would HOPE wouldn't have dementia or a Psych Dx ;)) should never be tolerated. If nursing wants to be seen as a profession, nurses must act professional. All nurses are nurses and should work as a team with other healthcare providers. It doesn't matter where you came from, what color your skin is, or what ethnic foods you brought for lunch (on that note, if it's Indian, call me).

If someone verbally harasses you, and no one seems to be coming to your aid, consider pressing charges. I know that some in your situation seem to have little support from management, unions, licensing bodies, etc. If this is the case, look outside of the circle.

I am still a student, so my advice may be a little green. But my point first and foremost is that you (nurses in general) do NOT deserve to be abused, and especially not by coworkers. Do not ever let yourself be disrespected.

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Consider this also. Besides the Queen Bee syndrome, there are some who have been nurses for many years and were once nursing students. There always seemed to be a nursing instructor from hell that would pick on and demean someone. The student vows to never be like anyone who treated them badly, and then they end up treating a new hire badly or pick on them. Nurses don't pick on or try to intimidate their managers or supervosors because they can't. Not in a position of any authority to do so. Nurses can't pick on, degrade or bully doctors either because they can't. I have found that some of these employees have no say so at home and are married to abusive controlling, demeaning husbands and go into work acting like the very person(s) they despise. I think the bullying is a deeper issue than it appears. And so, I originally stated that those that do this to others should just either get their **** together or be fired. Health care facilities aren't the place to displace pent anger and mental issues upon co-workers. In my mind, that person is not "fit" to work with others.

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Newtress I meet couple of these type of people, each hospital and facility have one or more.... the problem is not to fire them ...but is to set-up the limits for them to act and behave in a good way.

As much we tolerate this type of behavior , will become a A PATTERN.

Related nurses instructors...well.... this IS a problem! A Hell one will grow up nurses from hell! ANd here is a student problem to not let instructors to treat them badly... but is another story!

Is not to analyze what is happen with him/her life, is not our problem...our problem is to theach them how to BEHAVE and act like a team. And professional is...Do your job, don't peak-up on others.

Creating a bad hostile environment is not an issue for anyone.

If HR will work like a strong department will see that the same persons are complainers and the same persons are "receivers"....in majority of cases

For this reason are "control-audit teams" to catch mistakes . Management team analyze results. Inforcing FORMAL control in facilities and hospitals, is probably the only one method to keep safe the medical acts. Picking on others and acting like an "informal control member", do just increasing in deviant behaviors.

A nurse is a nurse to act and behave like a nurse AND DOCUMENT what she/he is going throught.

My truly beliveness is that somewhere is a misunderstanding or false understanding in the role and job duties of nurses...from here starts all wrong deviant behaviors.

The ideea with if she/he will go because of you , you will go too...is a good one, could create a nice place to work, hopefully! Is a pretty tough one but at thought times thought decisions...

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You make a very good point Zuzi.

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