When should I take the TEAS exam?

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Hi everyone. I am finishing up my last pre-req this summer (Physiology) and will be applying in Aug/Sept to hopefully begin a program in Spring 2013. At what point do I need to take the TEAS exam? Before I apply or after I'm accepted somewhere? Thanks in advance!

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I would begin studying for it now. Most programs need to see your TEAS scores to make a decision. Check with the colleges you are applying to as some have you take the exam after all pre reqs are done and some don't.

Good luck!

Check with the schools that you are applying to. Some require the TEAS done before applying. Other include it and will invite you to take the TEAS during their application process. Then there are others that will accept you conditionally until you pass the TEAS, at which point they will give you a test date. I applied to 7 schools and their criteria for the TEAS varied. So it's a good idea to identify the schools you will apply to and then find out how they handle the TEAS.

Based on your username, I assume you are in LA? I am too. Which schools are you applying to?

Thanks for the replies. The fact that the soonest available date to take it on the official website is early Oct worries me a bit :-/

Willow - I'll be applying to any and everywhere. Hahaa. GCC, LACC, LATTC, PCC, SMC, LAVC, etc. What about you?

I applied to GCC, LACC, and PCC for Fall 2012. I got into GCC and PCC's programs. I decided to go with PCC so I'm starting in August. So I can tell you exactly how those three schools handled the TEAS.

You don't have to take the TEAS test before applying. GCC and LACC will invite you to take the test if you pass the first round of their application (if you meet the chancellor's score). If you meet their score, then they will mail you a letter telling you that you can move on to take the TEAS. They will tell you what date they are having the test and you take it at their campus. Test dates for the community colleges in LA are usually during their application period so you won't find the info on the ATI website.

For PCC, you apply and then you either get in or not. If you are admitted, then they will invite you to take the TEAS and all you have to do is pass it.

I didn't apply to SMC but from my research, they don't take the TEAS. They use a different entrance exam.

Oh, and studying for the TEAS doesn't take months. Unless you are behind and need a major refresher. I'd say, give yourself 2-3 weeks. Though, I had 4 days to study and I still got an 89%.

Wow. Great to know. Thanks for the info and congratulations! What kind of grades did you get in Anatomy, Micro and Physiology if you don't mind me asking? I got B's in Anat and Micro. Hoping to pull an A in Phys this summer.

I got A's in all three courses. But B's are fine and they should still qualify you with the chancellor's formula (assuming you have a good grade in English 101 and haven't repeated any of the science classes). You just have to meet the minimum cut score and then it's up to a lottery. So people with B's have the same chance as people with A's.

Do you have to take general education classes before taking the TEAS exam

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