When should I take boards/start a new job?


I will be graduating with my RN (assuming I pass boards) May 22, 2008! So I am presently in a contract w/ a health system that sponsored a section at the community college I go to, which means after I graduate I get hired at one of their 5 hospitals and give them 2 years full time employment. Some think this is a bad deal, but for me it just works.

So my decision is....should I start working July 1st and take my boards in August? Or should I take my boards mid-July and start working August 1st

Of course the recruiter for the hospital has told us that it only helps to pass your boards if you start working right away. But I wonder if she is a little biased...

I am leaning towards taking my boards sooner rather than later...like July-ish. But I just wanted to hear some feedback from those who have been in this position already.

Many Thanks!! :specs:

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I've read stats somewhere, but it might not be true, that the pass rate is higher the sooner you take NCLEX after graduation. So I would go with the plan that gets you into NCLEX the quickest.

Is the reason you're not going to start work until August 1st because you need that time to study? Or is that what the employer is offering? Why not start work right after graduation?


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I would definitely suggest your taking the NCLEX as soon after you graduate as possible. You'll still be in a study mode. I've noticed that with that many of the new nurses we have on the floor, did jusst that and passed...while those who waited didn't fair as well and had to retake the test or are still waiting. I think that the longer you put it off, the more you will build it up in your head. If you have test anxiety, it will make it even worse.

Also, many hospitals will hire you as GNs until you pass the NCLEX.

Good luck!



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Thanks for the input. I kind of felt that the way to go was to take the NCLEX as soon as reasonably possible. So I think I will schedule it in July.

As far as working right away...I thought it might be so incredibly stressful to start a new job and try to study. I don't work in the healthcare field presently - so I will be totally switching gears. I'm sure the hospital would hire me right away - I guess I should wait to make that decision when I find out my option of start dates from them.

Thanks again!

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