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I was wondering if I could start working on my CEUs before I took boards, or if it would be pointless? I am also wondering where I can find out how many CEUs I need to earn each year? Does it vary from state to state? I am in VA, if anybody knows.



PS I start work Monday!! Ack!!! :eek:


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Any takers? Anybody????


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Hi Laura! I graduated in December of 1998. In August of 1999 it was already time for RN's to renew, but being a new grad, you are exempt that first time. You've met your educational quota for this year! Besides, we renew this year (in Ohio anyways. I'm not sure if it differs in other states). It is my understanding that to renew in 2003, your CEU's have to be obtained from August 2001 - August 2003, so it would be pointless to do any now.

Good luck on boards!



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Thanks Heather, at least I know I am okay for this year. Now however I am confused. Does every state not require CEUs? I was looking at a CEU site and it listed requirements by state and Virginia was not in the list! Does that mean Va doesn't require CEUs? Anybody know?



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You just finished nursing school and you don't know if your state requires continuing ed hours? Or did you not go to school in the state you are licensing in?

I believe that this web site's home page links you to the state boards of nursing for all states. Go to Virginia's and get your questions answered, though I think the previous poster gave you what you need to know. Since you re-license based on date and year of birth in many states, some people do renew very shortly after receiving their first license and usually nurse practice acts clearly spell out what happens to these folks and it usually is some sort of waiver of continuing ed requirements.

I had a friend that was an eager beaver learner and she accrued all sorts of continuing ed hours her first years just because she loved learning. Determine what your personal learning needs are and choose continuing ed based on meeting those needs. I've been a nurse for 23 years now and that is still what I do. Depending on where you work, you may have many needs that need to be met regardless of your lack of need for continuing ed hours. Meet your learning needs. But, like Heather says, hours you accrue in a previous licensure period do not work for later re-licensure periods.

Good luck.


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Hi Molly. Yes, I went to school in West Virginia but moved to Virginia in my last semester, which is why I was unsure of the state requirements.

I emailed the state board of nursing and received a reply just a few minutes ago. Apparently VA does NOT require CEUs which is why I have not been able to find any information on it. This is very surprising to me, I didn't realize how little continuity there is across the country. I will probably still earn CEUs just so I can keep up with new information and ideas.

Thanks for the input!



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In many states Continuing Education Units are not required. I take many CEU's myself because I enjoy learning. In Florida we are required to carry 24, and mandatory HIV and Domestic Violence updates. Here is a link to a great website that provides Free CEU's all kinds, some you can print after taking the test,others they mail to you. http://www.medi-smart.com/freeceu.htm


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Thanks for the website, Chellyse66. I will definitely be checking it out! :)



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hi, I get alot of my ceu's at www.medceu.com

It cost a small amount compared to going to seminars and classes. You can do most of it all online. I really like this site! Once you get established, and you finish the course with a passing grade, you can print your certificate.

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