When to apply


When should you start applying to hospitals for fall graduates? A lot of hospitals also have forms to fill out to contact the nurse recruiter, when would you start looking into these things?


Sour Lemon

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Start looking immediately to get a feel for what's out there. Some new grad programs open (for applications) and close very quickly.

Rose_Queen, BSN, MSN, RN

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It would depend on the facility. Some facilities absolutely will not accept an application without a license number- the computer system doesn't allow the applicant to proceed. Others may allow applicants who are not yet licensed. Check and see what the job requirements are- does it state must have a license?

As for the recruiters, are these forms for everyone or geared to nursing students? It wouldn't hurt to fill one out; the answer you may get just might be to contact them once you have the license.



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Okay, thanks I will definitely start looking around to see what's out there. Also I think I'll take your advice and fill out the information for the nurse recruiter the worse they can say is to wait until I'm licensed and try again. Thanks for the advice I really appreciate it.