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When to apply?

What's everyone's opinion on when is the best time to apply to nursing school?

Here's where I am: finished 51 of the required 62 hours needed before entering nursing school; I can apply after I have 42; I'm looking at entering nursing school in Fall 2008; I still have A&P II, Chem II, Growth & Development, Micro, and Statistics to take; current gpa is 3.88.

Should I wait until I have more science classes under my belt before I apply, or should I go ahead a do it now? Application deadlines are: January 10 for fall semester admission and July 1 for spring semester admission. I'm attending school in San Antonio, TX and just getting into nursing school is very competative. I would like to get into UT Health Science Center, but am probably going to apply at The University of Incarnate Word, as those are the only schools that offer a BSN.

I appreciate any and all opinions.



Im applying to UT sanantonio for the spring. Do you know how competitive it is compared to Houston schools. I think you should apply for spring 08, you never know and u have a good gpa!

If you think you can get those pre-reqs knocked out this summer and Fall, then I say... Apply! The 'you never know' comment by the previous poster is sooooo true. What's the worse that can happen? So... on the off chance you don't get accepted this time... you weren't exactly planning on attending so soon anyway and you can just carry on with your original plan. But, if you DO get accepted, just think how much closer to being finished you will be!

I was in the exact same boat as you. I wasn't going to apply so early myself but my adivsor talked me into it. Sad that she had to talk me into it, but I thank God she did because I ended up making it! And I had a butt load of pre-reqs yet to complete too (child psych, chem, physio, stats and ethics). Just finished it all this Spring and maintained a 4.0. So just wanted to say that it's totally doable and reiterate that you should go for it if you think you can finish the pre-reqs by the end of Fall.

Miranda, I think a lot of times it depends on what the schools will accept. Some schools require all prereqs to be completed before applying and then others let you apply pending completion of 1 or 2 prereqs. I would check with all the schools you are thinking about applying to. If they allow you to apply then go for it. The earlier you apply the sooner you will be on your way to reaching your goal. Good luck.

FlagstaffRN specializes in MS/Telemetry.

Our application process gave higher points for classes already completed, not just in process, even if you were nearly finished. I'm applying for Spring on the last day applications are accepted, since I will have completed my summer class by then.

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