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What's staffing like at your facility?


Just curious to know what staffing is like at your work. Trying to compare

Facility: Hospital

Floor: Inpatient Medicine/Med/Surg

Days: 4-5 Pts

Evenings: 5-6 Pts

NOC: 7 Pts

I work at a VA facility. ICU is 2:1. Med/Surg is ideal 5:1 RN and 5:1 LPN/NA. That means for every 5 patients they have 1 RN and

1 LPN or NA on a team. Half the time they might have 6 pts to a team, and very rare they have 7 togther. That includes a free charge, and 2 ward clerks. They only average about 25 patients on the ward for a normal day. So thats 12-13 staff for 25 patients, CRAZY from what I was used to before coming to VA.

I came from a facility on a ward of 30 patients would have 4 RNs, 2 NAs and a ward clerk. ICU you always had 2 patients and over half the time had 3. The staff was happy to have that most days. I would get floated many days with just 4 RNs and 1 aid with 1 ward clerk on a unit. You ran all day and felt like you never got anything done.


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I work nights at a big teaching medical center on an Onc/med surg overflow floor. We have 5-6 on nights. I've never had more than 6 of my own patients but have had 5 and had to cover 2 for an LPN. At my old hospital(large medical center not teaching, same type of floor), we had up to 8 on nights. We always have at least 2 PCAs(3 is fully staffed) and a clerk except for Saturday nights. Phlebotomy, clinical support. None of that at the previous place.

How many aides for how many patients? We are 56 bed unit with 4 aides

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I work in a 400 bed hospital - on a Medical Oncology Unit


Days: 4 patients

NOC: 6 patients


Days: 5 patients

NOC: 6 patients

As far as aides go, they carry double the RN load (8 pts days weekday etc)


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We have 28 beds, so 2-3 aides for that.

On my tele floor they jus up the ratio 6:1 sometimes with an aid. But most times primary care. So figure gtts, sheath pulls, cabg prep. Several people job hunting. :/