What's the job market like?


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I'm starting my prereqs for nursing school and hope to start by next summer. I'm wondering, what kind of job market is there for RNs? I hear a lot about nursing shortages but is that really the case?


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No, there is no nursing shortage. The job market depends upon the location. In some areas there are no jobs to be had, especially for new grads. In other places, more rural, out of the way, or otherwise, there may be jobs available, but maybe not the most popular places to move to. Because there is less work because of the economy, does not mean that a nursing license is not a good investment for your future.


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If you do caARDIAC, l&d, telemetry, LTC, ICU, NICU, youwill find a job. Dinosaurs like me, overeducated, expensive and older (30years out of high school with advanced degrees) are unemployed. At least in CT. It sucks, because I was told to take a refresher course and return to med/surg, bed-side. I don't think so, I am not interested in that kind of work. I count the years to retirement.

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Whatever the job market is like today chances are it will be different when you graduate, either for better or worse. If we could predict the future we would all be rich and wouldn't need to work. The best advice anyone can give you is to go to NS if that is your dream, work your sox off, make as many contacts in hospitals and healthcare facilities as you can while you are in school, graduate and go get 'um. Even in a poor job market if you are persistent enough for long enough you will find work as a nurse.


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Don't go into nursing just for a job. It looks bleak for GNs in a lot of areas of the country. But it you are doing it because it's what you always wanted to do, things will work out. At least that is how I feel.

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I don't want to discourage you.If nursing is your dream then just focus on school right now! However, the job market is terrible for New Grad RNs! I recently graduated Dec 09 , live near Miami in Florida and have no job yet! :crying2: I had one interview and that was at a job fair. My applications either are denied via email or no response at all. It's terrible nursing is truly my dream. I passed my boards in Feb. I have my license and title but I don't really feel like an RN. I know I will get a job eventually but I'm just soo ready to start my new career ughhh! On a positive note lol....I feel like all of this will be worth it one day! I'm looking forward to my first job as an RN! I do know a few of my classmates got jobs as soon as they passed their boards! They either knew someone inside or took scholarships with certain hospital systems early on in nursing school. Good luck in school!!!