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What's your favorite "foot treat" after a long day? I use to like rolling them on a frozen bottle of water. (like an old coke bottle)...but tonight they would love a handsome prince to come rub them with lotion....since the prince didn't show, I thought I'd scan you all for other ideas...

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I have this peppermint spray from body works that i spray on my feet. IT IS AWESOME!!! it cools my feet and makes them feel so refreshed and relaxed. I couldn't live without it. I also have tennis balls that I use to roll along my feet. that is great as well.

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My daughter will pamper me, and rub lotion into my feet. Heaven!

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Raise them up while resting after a long day. Helps the edema to settle, yeah I know you know this already, you're a nurse (silly me!)

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Oh wow. Nothing. I am too tired and burned out to even think of the dogs. Thinking about doing a professional massage soon, though.

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Reclining with my feet up in my wonderful favorite chair, with semi-flexible freezer gel bags that I can drape over my feet or sort of roll up under them to help with the soreness and swelling. My left foot is really sensitive, so I can only handle it for brief stints on that side, but it's great while it lasts. I finish up with a light lavender or pink grapefruit lotion.

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